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Lavan Industrial Group

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The basis of Lavan Industrial Group was established with the establishment of Lavan Tablo Company in 2003. After developing a qualitative and quantitative field, Lavan Industrial Group was formed in 2010.

Nowadays, Lavan Industrial Group's sub groups include Lavan Tablo, Barez Kelid, Lavan Niroo and Pouyan Raah parand Companies, which emphasize quality and innovation in this field. Throughout the years of its operation, the group has a lot of experience. It has benefited from consultancy, design and manufacturing in various industries such as Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Steel and Power Plants.

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Services offered by Lavan Industrial Group

Lavan Tablo

The manufactures of MV and LV Switchgear,Compact Substation,Mobile Substation.the first manufacturer of Gas Insalated Switchgear

Barez Kelid

As the first manufacturer of Load Break Switch and Vacuum Circuit Breaker in the Range of 24 of 36 kv Started its Activity in 2010.

Lavan Niroo

Implementation of Power Transmission and Distribution Lines, High Voltage Substation, EPC and EPCF Contracts

Pouyan Rah Parand

Pouyan Raho Parand Engineering and Trading Co. was established in order to meet the technical needs of the Industries of Electricity, Gas and Petrochemicals, Power Plants and industrial facilities and is in the service of the abovementioned industries.

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Saturday to Thursday : 07:30 am - 14:45pm

Kerman Factory

Kerman Office & factory: 2nd Melika St., Melika Blvd. Industrial Zone No 2(Khazra)
zip code:7617199976

Tel & Online

Kerman Tel: 034- 33386168-9
Fax:034- 33386411-14

Tehran Tel: (+9821) 44479049
Tehran Fax :(+9821)44478695

Tehran Address

No 10, 21st Alley, Northern Ashrafi Esfahani Expressway, Tehran, Iran
zip.code : 1469915545

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